Xcel energy
this is how, campaign

Small changes can make a big impact on energy efficiency.

This is how.

Executive Creative Director: Brian Ritchie
Associate Creative Director: Alex Dubrovsky
Writer: Maddy Harkness
Designer: Jacob Anderson

15 videos, traveling kiosk


Saving energy is a simple undertaking that doesn’t always seem so easy. When Xcel Energy tasked us with teaching the public how to save energy and money on their energy bill, we asked ourselves, “What’s the best way to teach anybody how to save energy with their own two hands?” 

The answer: Make it easy, keep it simple and always celebrate. 

This Is How is a series of visually driven how-to videos that make energy efficiency accessible to everyone with just a few changes around the house. Each video tells its story with step-by-step instructions and ends with a celebration, because saving energy is a self-five worthy endeavor. These videos played on custom Xcel Energy Kiosks placed in the how-to sections of public libraries.


This is How Case Study video

This is How campaign videos